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Screenshot of 2cBoard with large keys on iPhone

2cBoard keyboard

Easy typing with large, dynamic, and predictive keys

For iPhone

Screenshot of 2cBoard with extra large keys on iPhone

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For Apple Watch

Screenshot of 2cBoard on Apple Watch

Free Download

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Full-fledged keyboard

The 2cBoard keyboard is based on a completely new technology that provides you with large keys even when your screen is small, like on your phone or your watch. All of the standard keyboard keys are at your disposal, allowing you to type text similarly to the way you would on a larger screen.


2cBoard supports 27 languages: Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

How the App Works

Tapping a key in the top row of keys inserts the letter of that key into your text. When you have tapped a key in the top row, the keys of that row change, as 2cBoard uses its algorithm to “guess” what letters you may want to type next.

If the top row does not show the letter you need, use the keys in the rows below. Tapping a key in these rows does not insert any letter into your text. It first displays the letters that follow that one in the alphabet, and then you can tap the letter you need to insert it into your text.

For example, to type the words “buy milk”:

1. Tap b in the top row.

The suggested keys in the top row change.

2. Tap u in the top row.

The suggested keys in the top row change again.

3. Tap y in the top row.

4. Tap the space key in the bottom row.

5. Tap m in the second or third row of keys.

The m, n, o, p keys are shown.

6. Tap m.

The suggested keys in the top row change

7. Tap i in the top row of keys.

The suggested keys in the top row change.

8. Tap l in the top row of keys.

The suggested keys in the top row change.

9. Tap k.



The first video below shows you what typing “buy milk” looks like in 2cBoard.

The second video illustrates the 2cBoard setup.

The third video shows the 2cBoard preferences.

More on the design of 2cBoard

Typing "buy milk"


Change preferences

Large key display

To provide larger keys than those of a regular qwerty keyboard, the 2cBoard keyboard shows only 12 letters rather than the 26 shown in the regular keyboard.

The 12 keys are divided into two rows of six keys each. The top row is a dynamic row, where the letters change according to their probability of being needed once a previous letter has been inserted into the text. Taping a letter in this row will immediately insert this letter into your text.

The second row allows you to reach any letter in the alphabet. This is done in two taps. Taping a letter in this row will not insert the letter into your text; rather, it will show the letters that follow that one in the alphabet. Then, tapping a second time on one of the letters shown in this row will insert that letter into your text.

Best way to use 2cBoard

To make the most of 2cBoard, first check if the desired letter is present in the top row, and if it is, tap it to insert it into your text. If the letter is not present in the top row, determine which letter in the alphabet precedes it most closely, and tap that key in the second row. Then tap the letter you need.

In the “buy milk” video above, you can see that all the letters appear dynamically in the top row, except for the “m”, which will need to be typed with the help of the second row. In this case, typing the “m” shows the keys “m”, “n”, “o”, and “p”.  Then, typing “m” again inserts it into your text.

Typing “buy milk,” requires 9 taps with 2cBoard rather than 8 taps on a qwerty keyboard. If you type with one finger, you will type 12% slower but you will be more accurate, and you will have fewer corrections to do, so it is even possible that you will reach the same speed.


On the iPhone, the preferences are in the 2cBoard keyboard app. On the Apple Watch, you reach them by swiping left.

Key Size (iPhone only): by default, 2cBoard is configured with large keys, but you may select larger, extra-large, or extra-extra-large keys. In the XXL configuration, 2cBoard shows nine keys with letters divided into three rows of three keys each. This display works in the same way as the large key configuration.

Color: by default, 2cBoard provides black letters on a white background with a grey background to indicate a control key. You may customize these colors to your liking.

Languages: by default, 2cBoard provides a keyboard for the main language of the iPhone if this language is supported by 2cBoard. If the main language is not supported by 2cBoard, the 2cBoard default is English. If you want to use a multi-lingual keyboard, you may change the default language or add a new language. If you use a multi-lingual keyboard you may switch between languages by a long press on the space key.

Other functions

Dictation (iPhone only): you may use dictation and correct it after listening to your dictation. When correcting dictation your keyboard has special keys to navigate in the dictation text.

Caps: to type a capital letter using the top row, do a long press. In the other rows, use the shift key.

Sending text to the Messages app (Apple Watch only); tap the message icon.

Saving a note (Apple Watch only): tap on the iPhone icon.

About Us

Our Story

We are not the story. You are the story.

My name is Daniel Pohoryles, and I have been programming on the Mac since the Macintosh 512K (quite a while ago).

Last year I had an idea which I thought could be helpful for visually impaired people when using their smartphones.

I was inspired by my late mother in law, who was visually impaired. She was always looking for ways to enlarge text on the screen  and her handwriting was always very large.

I set to work, created this new technology, and I patented it.

I joined forces with my friend and colleague Rami Ranel, and together, we developed 2cBoard. We are proud to bring you this keyboard for iPhone and for the Apple Watch and hope you will find it useful.


Privacy Policy

2cBoard app

Our app does not collect information about you. All the processing done by our app is done on your device and the app does not send us any information about your usage of it.

If you ask for our support, we will collect your name and email so that we can answer you. We do not and never will sell this information to any third party.

2cBoard website

Anonymous information about visits to our website ( is collected by Wix Analytics.

Legal Notice

The 2cBoard app described in this website is protected by U.S. Patent No. 11,726,657


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If you have any comments and or suggestions relating to improving the accessibility of our site, please don't hesitate to use our contact form. Your feedback will help us make improvements.

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